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Monthly Archives: January 2012

A Group Therapy Lesson

I was reminded of an experience I had 20 years ago that illustrates a useful way of using anger directed at another person. This fictitious account was similar  to many group sesso A middle aged women in a group came to group ready to “do battle” with another women. A very insightful man, also member of the group commented that you learn a lot about yourself when you can understand what in you is triggered by the other. Without getting bogged down in the details of how the women reached the insight, it turned out that what the battle ready women realized was that  the tone of voice and facial expressions were so similar to her own sister, whom she didn’t like, she relived those old  her feelings with the other women in the group.

This was a fictitious group

Thoughts on Therapy

Some thoughts and observations from my experiences as a therapist over the past 30 years.

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