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More Thoughts on Therapy is not for Sissies

The following ideas  are in relationship to the thoughts some people have about the reluctance to being in therapy or letting themselves feel, or cry etc. In particular I will say a bit about people who have problems with “needing”. MyContinue Reading


Real change and growth takes courage to face yourself honestly, specially  in front of another human being. It is much easier but ultimately more painful, to not be in therapy.  On a daily basis I watch people struggle with facingContinue Reading

Why does therapy take so darn long?

How hard is it for most of us to change habitiual ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving? Most would agree that changing ways of being in the world is difficult if not down right impossible on our own. I amContinue Reading

A quick note on reacting to “slights”.

I am keenly aware in both myself and my  patients the role of “slights” …..those uncomfortable moments when our feelings get hurt. Analysts call it narcissistic injuries, but a rose by any other name…  still hurts. How does one handleContinue Reading

Thoughts on Therapy

Some thoughts and observations from my experiences as a therapist over the past 30 years.

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