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Why does therapy take so darn long?

How hard is it for most of us to change habitiual ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving? Most would agree that changing ways of being in the world is difficult if not down right impossible on our own. I am not talking about small circumscribed issues such as a phobia. I’m talking about such things as: taking everything personally, or limiting our happiness in some way, or not being able to treat ourselves as well as we treat others, or feeling chronically scared, anxious, insecure or sad. These are lifelong ways that resist change. If ┬áthese ways of being have been with us most of our lives how long does it take to change those ways? If you go to therapy once a week (at 45 minutes/session) the average person comes 45 times a year. That equals 30 hours a year to change a lifetime of behavior. Therapy occurs over a year but in reality a year of once a week therapy is only 30 hours. To me it is a drop in the lifetime bucket. Real change that alters the quality of life only happens slowly over time in my experience.

The kind of therapy I do is aimed at changing the quality of ones life. Sometimes these changes are subtle and sometimes they are dramatic.

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